Artist: Amy Lynch-Kolflat

Category: Art Car, Painted Car, Performance

Base Vehicle: 1989 Isuzu Trooper

Year Created: 1999

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: For nearly 25 years!

From the Artist: The Zebra Krew is comprised of many zebra Art Cars, bikes, trikes, stilt walkers, and performers. The Krew typically has about 60 participants including a live band and DJ.


The Zebra Cars are daily drivers and Amy alternates between the Ze/Max (Nissan Maxima) and the Ze/Bro (Ford F150). The Ze/Bra Mobile (Isuzu Trooper) is mostly in retirement and comes out for events. Grandma alternates between 2 Zebra Volvo Station Wagons named Zena and Zoe. The Zebra golf cart is gas powered and has a Coupe body.

My favorite part about being an Art Car artist is taking the art to the street every day bringing the unexpected and Fun to Houston. My Art Car community is so close and the friends I have in not only the Zebra Krew but also in the Art Car family.