Artist: Sam & Nancy Jones

Category: Art Car, Painted Car, School or Youth Group

Base Vehicle: 1972 Volkswagen Camper Van

Year Created: 2001

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: Since 2001

From the Artist: Vincent's Dream was created in 2001 with a homeschool group taught by Sam and Nancy Jones. We acquired this 1972 VW camper van in 2000 for our art car project. As we studied about Vincent Van Gogh among the other Impressionist painters we were inspired by Van Gogh's zeal, energy, life story and his works. The finished art car is an art lesson on the most iconic work of Vincent Van Gogh.


Beginning from the back of the car featuring the "Potato Eaters" which was his earliest masterpiece in the Dutch style painting. Moving to the passenger side begins his Impasto impressionistic work, featuring his most recognizable "Starry Night" painting. For the two doors and front wheel cover, we created a triptych of "the Postman" on the passenger door, and" The Postman's Wife"on the driver's door, framing Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait with bandaged ear on the front tire cover. On the driver side of the van, what is believed to be his last painting "Crows Over the Wheat Field" is featured. A still life vase with flowers was also painted on the rooftop.


Each hub cap is a unique interpretation of sunflowers from his paintings. Inside the van one can find more Van Gogh's paintings, such as landscapes, sun, flowers, patterns painted on different surfaces. Vincent's Dream has been on the road for 20 years and is on its third engine. It is used as a daily driver.


It always brings smiles and has been photographed more times than we could count. Often people exclaim, "Look at that Van Go!"