the Santa car mk IV

Artist: Bryan Taylor

Category: Art Car, Daily Driver

Base Vehicle: 1992 Nissan Santa

Year Created: The MK IV was created in 2012

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 

From the Artist: The Greatest Man I have ever known. Papa Noel, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, SAAAAANTAAA CLAAAAAAAAUUSE!!!!


The hat was made my my former wife for the first Santa Car back in 2000 and has now been on four different cars. Then I glue a bunch of Santas all over it AND this one also has some amazing artwork painted by the esteemed and talented Robynn Sanders making it much cooler than ever.

Before the pandemic being a daily driver was the best. Ask anyone who has a daily driver. Every time we hit the streets we are greeted with smiles and waves and meeting folks we might not have otherwise met.