The Pickup truck

Artist: Cliff & Sherri Lee

Category: Art Car

Base Vehicle: 2003 Chevy Silverado

Year Created: 2017

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2017-2018

From the Artist: After having been in many Houston ArtCar parades with my PezCar, we had been absent for the better part of a decade. Each year we would go to the parade, see friends and REGRET not being a part of this spectacular event. We've come to realize that ArtCar artists LOVE a good pun. So, we came up with the "PICKup" Truck... A Pickup truck using guitar picks as mosaic tesserae.


Why guitar picks? Beside the great pun, we are HUGE fans of live music and attend concerts almost every weekend (pre-covid). We chose musical images that represent our hero's, and included lyrics on the tail bed that are so popular that they are hard to read without singing/hearing them in your head. The truck took about two years to create, mostly due to the boring logistics of getting titles, fixing brakes and obtaining proper insurance. The fun part started when we spent about 6 weeks working on the artwork. We traced the images on the truck, and used E6000 glue to glue on the guitar picks. We created guitar pick shaped vinyl stickers, with lyrics cut into them, using our Cricut cutting machine.


The passenger side features Texas Musicians (Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, Selena and Stevie Ray Vaughn - to name a few). The driver's side has some of the most popular Rock and Roll artists known worldwide (The Beatles, Rolling Stones and David Bowie). We have Elvis on the hood (because he's the KING!). We even have the “Pick of Destiny" on the truck. We made vinyl guitar picks for the rear window with BUD and SISSY as an homage to the movie “Urban Cowboy”. We don't know how many guitar picks are on the truck, but do know how many we bought! We bought 50 pounds of guitar picks, which took months to get here from China. We used about two thirds of them, and will use the remaining for updates and repair.


The sun has not been kind to the "PICKup" Truck, causing many of the guitar picks to fade or curl. We regularly make updates either by replacing, gluing over or painting the guitar picks to try to keep it fresh looking. We've driven the truck around town to music venues, famous locations and beaches for photographs. Someday we'd love to get a photo of Willie Nelson with the truck! We'd also love to pull a live band behind the truck during the parade.


The payoff is being a part of the Houston Art Car Parade and participating with other artists driving around Houston and making people smile. We've enjoyed talking with people as they look the truck over; sharing their memories of the music.