the green man van

Artist: Shelley Buschur

Category: Painted Car

Base Vehicle: 2013 Ford Transit Connect

Year Created: 2018

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2018, 2019

From the Artist: The Green Man is the consort and male counterpart to Gaia, the Earth mother. Together they are the personification of nature itself, and are the guardians of our planet’s life force and ecology, guiding us in the greening of the spirit and preservation of the Earth.


Usually depicted as a male face formed by, or surrounded by leaves and vegetation, and often with the leaves or branches emerging from his mouth or nostrils. Symbolizing the rebirth and growth that occurs in nature annually, The Green Man image dates from antiquity. He appears in many cultures in a myriad of different forms, including carvings in architecture in cathedrals, statues, stained glass, and painted signs on pubs and inns.


Shelley Buschur, legendary artcar artist, created The Green Man Van in 2018 after several years of travel in England and Europe where she and friends would make a point to visit various locations reported to have Green Man images. These Green Man 'hunts' brought such joy, and eventually led to her depicting the images she saw on the van.


Buschur passed away in October of 2020 from intestinal cancer that was diagnosed in 2019. The Green Man Van is the last of her artcars in a prolific list of creations that includes Planet Karmann, Eelvisa, Goddess Landscape, Give Bush a Pink Slip, MPeach Bush, Make Out Not War, and Tweet Tweet. Not one to shy away from topics for which she was passionate, Shelley's artcars tended toward social and political statements, sometimes more subtle, but often quite blatant. She was a strong advocate for women in her art, her political activism, and her career as a nurse/midwife working in the field of drug research and aid for HIV/AIDS positive pregnant women. Her passing leaves a huge hole in world for all whose lives she touched.


The Green Man Van is now owned and driven by Shelley's life partner, Kirk Suddreath, who is the creator of the Jesus Christ Monkey Car that was seen in the Art Car Parade, and on the streets of Houston for 13 years.