Artist: Heights High School

Teacher: Rebecca Bass

Category: School or Youth Group / Art Car

Base Vehicle: 1978 Chevrolet Caprice

Year Created: 2019

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2019

From the Artist: Pride and Joy is a tribute to Texas's own Stevie Ray Vaughan and Texas music. Standing in all his sparly glory on top a 78 Chevy caprice, Stevie is holding his beloved guitar and his beloved Texas flag. Many Stevie tunes are immortalized all around the car - take a closer look to find some song titles and lyrics! 

About Rebecca Bass: When many people think of Art Cars, they think of Rebecca Bass. For over 30 years, Bass as been working with students at various high schools where she has taught visual art, to create impressive mobile works of art and through it provide an important way to build self-esteem and cultivate creativity. Bass has built over 35 art cars throughout the years, many of which now live in private collections and museums, and travel across the world. She has been an integral force in sustaining the Orange Show's educational outreach mission, and prior to her retirement from teaching was given the title of HISD Art Car Teacher - likely the only position of its type in the world. She keeps telling everyone that she's done building Art Cars -- but we all know that she will never fully be finished creating.