Artist: Bruiser Goldberg

Category: Contraption

Base Vehicle: 1980s Craftsman Lawn Mower

Year Created: 2011

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: For 10 years

From the Artist: After creating a powered crib called “Powernap,” and later converting it to solar power, renaming it “Solar Powernap,” I went several years without a contraption of my own to drive in the parade. My dad had wanted to create a popcorn cart themed car for a while, and after obtaining a riding lawnmower, it seemed like a good time.


We started working about three or four months before the start of the parade, and most of that time was spent figuring out how to get the old lawnmower working. Once we did, we designed the popcorn cart part of it, creating a wooden frame connected at the front and rear and a second frame attached to that one. Then we created a box with plywood, and the popcorn compartment up above. I came up with a design for a double wall of plexiglass that would hold real popcorn, making it look like I was inside a pile of it.


My greatest compliment was when a city health inspector tried to cite me during parade staging for not having a food vendor permit before I told him it was just a lawnmower. I had probably dozens of people asking me for popcorn over the years (sometimes by standing in front of me while the parade was moving), not realizing it was part of the art car. Early into my first parade with the car, I realized that it popped wheelies. I spent the next nine parades trying to perfect my wheelie skills. Unfortunately, in 2019 (just as I was nearing the parade exit), I did one wheelie too many, crashing back to the ground and shattering the frame that held the box onto the lawnmower underneath.


But if you’re seeing it that means it’s fixed.