phool patti

Artist: Joe Haden

Category: Art Car

Base Vehicle: 2009 Ford E-350

Year Created: 2018

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2018 & 2019

From the Artist: My van is a collaboration between Pakistan and Texas. While in the USA, Haider Ali and I transformed my van from the new Mayan calendar into a Jingle Truck or Phool Patti which means flower pedals in Urdu.


This project was drawn in about an hour and painted in about 18 hours over just a few days time. There are plans to completely repaint and add a lot of reflective art to my van soon. We have plans to do the interior as well to make it into a real jingle truck replica of Pakistani trucks. I have had the pleasure of driving this van on a daily basis as well as on many long road trips across the USA.

My favorite part about being an Art Car Artists is that I never meet a stranger. And I can immediately find it in parking lots.