Artist: Joseph Weiss

Category: Art Car

Base Vehicle: 1966 Checker Stationwagon

Year Created: 2021

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: Never Before Seen!

From the Artist: The Phoenix has risen from the ashes! It was stored for 15 years in a storage unit, until the owner's wife died and the owner lost interest in the car. We bought the car and had to replace a lot of items to make it road worthy - new gas tank, brakes, exhaust, tires, radiator, water pump, carburetor, horn and wiring. The car was repainted yellow and has three-dimensional metal flames on the front with red LED lights and a smoke machine under the hood. The car has fire extinguishers mounted on the rear fenders. The top is checkered black and yellow. 

My favorite part of being an Art Car artist is being part of the incredible Art Car family.