map of space and time

Artist: Rebecca Lowe

Category: Art Car, Painted Car

Base Vehicle: 2009 Honda Fit

Year Created: 2009

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: Since 2009

From the Artist: Hand-painted, up-dated, multi-planet rated, the two dimensional representation of the space-time continuum as revealed upon the exterior of this personal combustion delivery system gets us wheres we wants to go faster than anything else might by slipping through the warp and woof of the fabric of the time/space universe. Updated for 2021 with FinSails for extra power and maneuverability.


Map of Space & Time is: Navigational, Transportational, Decorational & Recreational

May favorite part about being an Art Car artist is hearing "LOOOOOOOOK at that car!!!!" as you drive down the road to the grocery store. Getting a thumbs up from too-cool-for-school teenagers at a bus stop. Being a force for good and beauty, and weirdness and outside-the-box thinking, and fun and joy in the world.