Larger than Life!

We have some of the best examples of "Larger than Life" art cars here at the Houston Art Car Experience! Showstopping, otherworldly, and flat out amazing - larger than life art cars can stop you in your tracks and just make you stare in awe. Most of the times, larger than life art cars are technically contraptions - meaning that they've taken the chassis of a vehicle, removed that actual "car" part, and replaced it with something much much larger.


Most of our Larger than Life art cars are located in the back portions of this weekend's experience -- Auto Disco Dance Bot, Hen-A-Tron, MetaCarSkul, Hippysaurus, Char Car - just to name a few. All of these have won major awards over the years at the Houston Art Car Parade due to their ability to absolutely wow the judges and the crowd, and knowing just how much time and artistic talent it takes to create an art car on such a massive scale.