hope the hippo

Artist: Sue Shefman

Category: Art Car, Performance

Base Vehicle: 2019 Subaru Forester

Year Created: 2020

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: Never before seen!

From the Artist: I am called the Hippo Lady because I have a collection of over 2000 hippos in my home. So, of course a hippo would be the inspiration for an art car, and HOPE is my 3rd one! Harmony and Cheerio were the first two (Toyota Rav4s).


As far as concept, design & execution - this was the creation of Rickey Polidore, Jr., art car artist extraordinare! His ideas are huge and so is this car! So much so that with the extra length on the front and the big butt on the back it became too much to be a daily driver! I was happy to donate the car to the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art where HOPE will have the opportunity to spread smiles around the Houston Community. Everyone needs a little HOPE in their lives! To add to the fun HOPE is interactive - her eyes wink, her tail wags and she pees!