hippysaurus and hippytortoise

Artist: The Waters Family

Category: Contraption

Base Vehicle: 1968 Triceratops

Year Created: 2018

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2018, 2019

From the Artist: 'Hippysaurus' brought back to life an old, forgotten, dilapidated Triceratops from a 1968 California roadside amusement park. We built it to reflect the love and general grooviness of that time, and bring a little bit of it back to the present day! We can't remember what the vehicle powering her is now, but there's a ton of equally groovy engineering under her smiley paint job, so we can climb up and ride her! Peace, love and good vibes only to everyone!

The 'baby' of Hippysaurus, Hippytortoise is a big personality in a small package. He might be following his 'mama', but he celebrates the hippy celebration of life in his own special way..Made of fiberglass and powered by a go-cart, he showcases and celebrates the small but essential creatures of the world who keep our ecosystem thrumming along.

Our favorite part about participating in the Houston Art Car Parade is ALWAYS, the people - you make it awesome and we love you. Thank you to all organizers, volunteers, and all those who share their creations with the world to make it a happier place