Artist: Kimi Bainter

Category: Art Car

Base Vehicle: 2012 Nissan Versa

Year Created: March - May, 2021

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: Never before seen!

From the Artist: Due to the Pandemic, I needed to use material already on hand. So, my husband said I should create a Frankenstein cat since I already had created an extra kitty face for my "Wrinkles, the Hairless Kitty" Art Car from 2019. I found two of my 3-ft stitch plaster molds in my garage, that I used to create my "EyeGore l" Art Car in 2014, so I created about 16 stitches out of latex and soft foam to create a black furry kitty, sewn to a wrinkled hairless kitty and created a head named "FrankenKitty" Art Car! It is created out of latex, paper towels, soft can foam, pvc pipes, matress soft foam, chicken wire, black fur, and zip ties.