carnew convertible

Artist: The Sacaris Family

Category: Contraption

Base Vehicle: Old Towne Canoe

Year Created: 2018

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2019

From the Artist: Carnew Convertible is a play on words for a design/build that was all play. I wanted to build a car from the ground up using mostly items I have collected from the trash. I had the steering linkage and wheels from a golf cart that I had scrapped and some seats from the laundromat down the street. A friend gave me an old wrecked canoe and the go cart engine and rear wheel were purchased to make it drivable and reliable. A single square tube runs the length of the vehicle and ties the steering wheels in the front to the drive wheel in the back and supports the seats for riders.


The quote "More love than water" that is painted on the sides was borrowed from a news story after Hurricane Harvey and is a nod to everyone that came to help in Houston after the flood.