Artist: Chris Reinsvold

Category: Art Car, Painted Car, Performance

Base Vehicle: 2002 Toyota Tundra

Year Created: 2015

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2015-2019

From the Artist: 

Carlagio is a celebration of the art and beauty of water in motion.  This theme is represented in both the choreographed water jets dancing to music on top of the art car, and the water swirls painted on the truck body

After two long years of experimentation, design, and construction - Carlagio made its debut performance at the 2015 Houston Art Car Parade.  Every year since then, Chris and Tom Reinsvold have continued to add new features to their musical water fountain.  Carlagio has always been, and always will be, a work in progress.


Here are a few facts about Carlagio:

  • There are 32 individually controlled jets in the fountain.

  • Two large water pumps circulate over 140 gallons per minute.

  • During a parade, Carlagio carries about 80-90 gallons of water.

  • At night, Carlagio is illuminated by over 3000 multi-colored LEDs

  • The music system consists of three amplifiers driving six speakers (about 1500 watts in total).

  • Carlagio contains over a half mile of wire that is used to connect the control systems, valve actuators, lighting systems and audio equipment.

  • Three custom-designed computer systems control all the action.