Back To the Future

Artist: Northside High School

Teacher: Anna Bass

Category: School or Youth Group / Art Car

Base Vehicle: 2008 Toyota Sienna

Year Created: 2021

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: Never before seen!

From the Artist: Back to the future is a celebration of the history of innovation and dreamers. We wanted to highlight different ideas of what the future was imagined to be throughout history. The world can be chaotic, but we still need the people that think outside of the box and come up with ideas of what the future can be. The Northside students hope you enjoy your journey through the past dreams of the future.

Art car is an amazing opportunity for my students to see their ideas come to life on the car. When we create the sketches, it sometimes seems like a task that cannot be accomplished. The process allows all that participate to have their ideas come to light and share them with the community.