Art Cars and Education

Educational outreach is one of the core components of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, and through the Houston Art Car Parade, schools and youth groups throughout Texas and beyond have integrated Art Car programs within their curriculum. In fact, a number of the Art Cars that you see today are designed and created by students, through the help of their teachers and parents. 

Building an Art Car with a team of your fellow students not only fuels those creative juices, but also teaches about teamwork, delegation and respect, and is a huge confidence booster. Imagine working all year to complete a big project, and then being able to present it to 200,000 cheering fans - what a rush!

2017 - Purple Reign 4.jpg

For most schools, the process of creating an Art Car for the Houston Art Car Parade comes from the minds of the students themselves. Art Teachers will often allow their students the opportunity to present a design that they would like to see come to life. Brainstorming the colors, shape, materials, and theme of the art car leads to a sketch. But a sketch is easy - it's making that sketch a reality where the work begins.

Long afternoons, weekends and holidays are spent with students, teachers and their parents to create an art car. If a school is lucky, they will have the base car donated to them, or be given a donation in order to purchase one. As for materials - many times the teacher will pay for them out of their own pocket, or be able to secure a sponsor to assist. Sometimes, depending on the theme, the students themselves will bring items that they would want to go onto the Art Car, making it even more special.

Art Cars can really have any theme you can think of! Look around today -- you'll see animal themes, music themes, Houston themes, fine art themes - anything goes! Student art car builds are one of the many ways that the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art is helping to continue this unique and important tradition, while also helping to rise up the next generation of artists in our community.

Participating Schools over the Years

Hundreds of school-related Art Cars have rolled in the Houston Art Car Parade over the years. Here's a list of many of the various schools that have taken part:

Alexander Hamilton Middle School

Angleton Junior High

Arabic Immersion Magnet School

Austin College

Baylor College of Medicine Biotech Academy

BC Elmore Elementary

Carnegie Vanguard High School

Condit Elementary

Creating with Blind Abandon

Crosby High School

Eastwood Academy High School

Eastwood Academy High School

Energy Institute High School

Ennis High School

Frank Black Middle School

Gallegos Elementary

Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet School

Hamilton Middle School

Harvard Elementary

Heights High School

Herod Elementary School

Herrera Elementary

Horn Elementary 

Houston Academy of International Studies

Houston Baptist University

Houston Community College Art Car Cooperative

Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center

Jane Long Elementary Art Club

Kashmere Gardens Elementary

Kashmere High School

Kempner High School

Klein Forest High School

Lewis Elementary 

Longview High SChool

Love Elementary School

Lovett Elementary

M.C. Williams Middle School

Manvel High School

Memorial Drive Elementary

Meyerland Middle School

Milby High School

Northbrook Middle School

Northside High School

Pershing Middle School

Post Oak High School

Rainard School for the Gifted

Rainard School for the Gifted

Rice University

Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center High School

Shadow Creek High School

Sharpstown International High School

Spring Forest Middle School

St. Francis Episcopal School

St.John XXIII College Preparatory

Texas City High School

The Monarch School

The Village School

The Westfield Schools

Travis Elementary

Waltrip High School

Wessendorff Middle School

Westury United Methodist Church Youth Group

Wilchester Elementary School