Artist: Tricia Gernand

Category: Art Car

Base Vehicle: 2010 Scion XD

Year Created: 2019

Featured in Houston Art Car Parade: 2019

From the Artist: Alotta Dotta is dedicated to the perfect, infinite symmetry of the circle. Life is Dottie! It’s like a wheel that spins ‘round and ‘round, there’s no point to it all, so might as well have some fun. Still, it seems everyone’s got an angle. Dots represent unity, angles are out for themselves. So free yourselves from sharp corners and and join the Alotta Dotta revolution. It’s Geometry!


Alotta Dotta is decorated with a variety of circular objects. Stickers, marbles, rubber balls, you name it–if it’s round, Alotta Dotta is all about it. Inspired by years of living around ArtCars and seeing O how much joy they bring to the world–it’s come full circle for Alotta Dotta artist Tricia Gernand, only now she’s on the inside.

I have been around the art car community for 10+ years. I love going to the parade and was always inspired by the creativity. I kept saying I'd make an art car one day. I tend to move slowly, and in 2015, I sketched out a few ideas. As I started becoming closer with art car artists, I finally decide to "just do it" for the 2019 parade. I looked online for inspiration and found a pattern I really liked. I used my favorite colors: colors of happy–orange and yellow, and green–the favorite from my youth. I spent a month or two using Adobe Illustrator to design it. I also created a custom umbrella and fabric from which I sewed a dress, a skirt, and an ascot for my driver. I used all sorts of baubles, trinkets, and vinyl stickers and adhered them to my car. I also added LED lights highlighted with yellow trim. I had several helpers with the decorating and I'm always adding little bits here and there.